Toastmasters Wiki

Imagine if all the best ideas could be captured and shared… with all members around the world?

Toastmasters International is a global educational non-profit association with members from over 140 countries. As a learning organization – it is critical to have a body of knowledge where members, leaders and other volunteers and staff can capture and share their best practices, ideas, templates and processes.

While the website does this to a certain extent with their resources pages and with training materials – there exist a number of District websites and pages on social media/internet that contain innovative documents and best practices that are not currently shared on a central platform for Toastmasters.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

If the materials, ideas, resources and templates all exist… why not create a wiki where Toastmasters can learn from each other and drive continuous improvement at the clubs and districts around the world.

This curated club resource library can be a one-stop shop for accurate, up-to-date and useful Toastmasters materials, tips, ideas, templates, how-to articles, contact lists for subject matter experts.

Read more about how this idea could work.

This proposal was forwarded last year for consideration by Toastmasters International World Headquarters team.

I have worked with a team of volunteers that created a wiki for Meeting Professionals International many years ago – the Chapter Resource Library is still used today by chapter leaders around the world. I also manage a body of knowledge wiki with my current employer Best Buy Canada (over 2000 pages of content). It is do-able.