“She is a super rock star… hardworking, caring and focused.”

The first time I met Louisa, she had stepped up in October 2014 as a replacement Area Governor. Within two weeks, without any training, she had already completed all four of her club visits. I was so impressed. 
Louisa works tirelessly, she is caring and focused. More recently, as District Director last year, I watched her face the challenges of COVID and mobilize the district into the opportunities of going online with almost all our clubs. She never lost focus on our organization, our District, or our members!
She really lives by Integrity, Service, Respect and Excellence. Toastmasters International would be well served with Louisa Davis as an International Director. In my books, she is a super rock star!

Gene Vickers, DTM
District Governor
Creator of the Toastmasters core values coin
Rocky Point Toastmasters

“Louisa is solid, dependable, balanced, positive and empathetic.”

Solid, dependable, balanced, positive and empathetic are only some of the brightest gemstones in Louisa Davis’ glittering résumé. Having worked toe-to-toe with Louisa on multiple committees and projects, I am confident that she is ready to step into bigger shoes and build on the rich heritage and diverse challenges of Toastmasters International. She has my enthusiastic endorsement as candidate for International Director.

Sharookh Daroowala, DTM
Finalist – World Championship of Public Speaking 2014
Quay Speakers Toastmasters Club

“… A visionary and strategic leader.”

The quality that stands out the most to describe Louisa is her tenacity. Her integrity, positivity, commitment and empathy for others are qualities that make her a great leader and allow her to thrive in any new position or environment. She is incredibly organized, a visionary and strategic leader, experienced in a wide variety of industries and fields, culturally aware through her international experience and inherently kind and respectful above all. 

Eleanor Kroeger, DTM
Past District 96 Director
Network Hub Toastmasters

“She has a deep knowledge… and genuine passion for Toastmasters”

I met Louisa Davis early in her Toastmasters career, and her enthusiasm and commitment was evident right from the start.  In my experience, Louisa’s dedication to the values of Toastmasters International and her genuine passion for contributing to the members and organization is unparalleled: her qualities of consistency, accessibility, deep knowledge and love for Toastmasters, and her hard work ethic make her a strong candidate for International Director.

Gillian Roberts
Toastmasters Past Division Director
Vancouver Toastmasters Club (“Club 69”) and Speakers Studio Toastmasters

“Determined… thoughtful and gracious”

Determined is one word I can use to describe Louisa. There are not many people that are as dedicated to getting the job done as she is. For every project I’ve had the opportunity to work with her on, it has been carefully thought out, organized, and executed on-time and under budget. Louisa is also incredibly thoughtful and gracious which is a leadership quality that is so appreciated and needed.

Devon Downie, DTM
Semi-Finalist of the World Championship of Public Speaking 2017
Inspirational Speakers Toastmasters